Jose Delgadillo

Jose Delgadillo - Superintendent - Jose has worked in the oil and gas industry since the age of 21 and has truly done it all. Beginning as a Laborer, he worked his way up through the ranks as a Straw Boss, Operator, Forman, Assistant Superintendent, and on to Superintendent - running crews from the front end to the back end.

At the age of 32, Jose was awarded the opportunity to run his first project and has not looked back since. He has been involved with pipeline projects ranging from just a few miles of 6” to 125 miles of 36". Jose feels blessed to have worked all over the country, from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast and numerous places in between. Throughout his career, Jose has worked with Carbon Steel, HDPE, and Flex Steel Pipelines. He joined on with Capstone Energy Services in 2015 and currently serves as Superintendent.