Safety Culture

At Capstone Energy Services, safety is our number ONE priority ranking above all other aspects of our business. The Capstone Team maintains constant site of its goal – to provide quality service with ZERO HARM to person, property, environment, or our good name. Think safe. Work safe. Home safe. It is more than a slogan - it is a fundamental principle and a collective commitment embraced by all.

At Capstone Energy Services, we heavily invest time, energy, and resources into our Safety Culture. All jobs start with planning and at Capstone our SAFETY procedures are the base upon which all plans are formed. New Team Members submit to thorough drug screening and attend new employee safety orientations learning not only industry safety, but also Capstone’s Safety Culture and Goal. Our Director of Health & Safety’s role is to ensure the implementation of the company safety policy through training, site audits and analysis, safety inspections, and (when necessary) incident investigations. We believe that all accidents are avoidable, and it is crucial to learn from mistakes.

We know that every company is different and Capstone Energy Services has the Team and the SKILL to learn your business and your needs. Our HSE Team ensures a smooth integration of your health and safety programs into our operation. Capstone can also provide your company with SOLUTIONS for all your HSE compliance. Let us develop, train, and implement a comprehensive HSE program customized for your company. We understand the moral, economic, and legal aspects of having a solid safety program and are ready to personalize one for you. 

Download our Saftey Asset Sheet for more information.


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