Pipeline Construction

As our core business, Capstone Energy Services specializes in the construction of pipeline systems. Whether a gathering line or a sales line, Capstone Energy Services will build any project from 4 –inch up to 36-inch diameter pipe. The Pipeline Team can also offer anomaly digs, pigging, hot taps, or simple valve replacements.  Our Hydrotesting Teams have the ability to pressure test lines, vessels, and even wellheads up to 15,000 psi.

Download our Pipeline Construction Asset Sheet for more information.

Containment Services

The scope of services provided by the Containment and Environmental Services Team covers containment systems for all stages of well production as well as drilling and completions. Capstone Energy Services offers a variety of liner types for primary and secondary applications. The skilled Containment Team con install rig liners, frac location liners, pit liners, tank liners, and custom duck ponds of any size.

Download our Containment Services Asset Sheet for more information.

Roustabout Services

The Capstone Energy Services Roustabout Team is highly capable and fully equipped to take on any type of oilfield work. Let our Team handle everything from your site preparation to location cleanup and everything in between. Well hook ups, E&S Control, battery installation, rig washing, and facility construction and maintenance are all within their purview. Custom skid packages and a variety of equipment rentals are also all at your disposal when you choose the Capstone Energy Services Roustabout Team.

Download our Roustabout Asset Sheet for more information.